19.05.2020 exhibition / re-opening

Akemi Takeya


19.05. - 27.06.2020
TUE-SUN 10:00 >> 17:00

‘The 21st century clearly belongs to the lemon!’

In the exhibition LEMONISM at the new art space „Im Vektor” (Münze Hall), Akemi Takeya is confronting various movements of the history of art with her very own ‘-ism’: LEMONISM. Paraphrasing and deconstructing the various -isms, she finally playfully transfers them into her own cosmos.
Beginning with new ‘playing cards’ on the concept of Symbolism, and continuing with a portrait on Japonism, visitors are approaching a projection on Actionism. While diving into the universe of the lemon through smells, sound, masks, dolls and projections in the tower of the Münze Hall, one finally reaches a view of the real cosmos on the top floor, with a surprise on minimalism.


Virtual tour: https://vimeo.com/414134702


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