19.05.2020 exhibition / re-opening

Akemi Takeya


19.05. - 27.06.2020
TUE-SUN 10:00 >> 17:00

‘The 21st century clearly belongs to the lemon!’

In the exhibition LEMONISM at the new art space „Im Vektor” (Burg Hasegg/Münze Hall), Akemi Takeya is confronting various movements of the history of art with her very own ‘-ism’: LEMONISM. Paraphrasing and deconstructing the various -isms, she finally playfully transfers them into her own cosmos.
Beginning with new ‘playing cards’ on the concept of Symbolism, and continuing with a portrait on Japonism, visitors are approaching a projection on Actionism. While diving into the universe of the lemon and Dadaism through smells, sound, masks, and dolls in the tower of the Münze Hall, one finally reaches a view of the real cosmos on the top floor, with the site-specific installation LEMONADA.


Virtual tour: https://vimeo.com/414134702


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