Etel Adnan/Ulrike Haage, Nacht, 2017
radio play, 63:54 min.
Production: Deutschlandfunk Kultur 2017

07 >> 22.03.2020 exhibition

Etel Adnan/Ulrike Haage


11:00 >> 18:00

‘We live by day and I feel that we’ve lost the mystery of the night. The night poses questions. It’s beautiful. It’s not a void, it’s not empty. If you look you can see, even in the darkest night. You see differently, you think, you feel …’
Etel Adnan has been fascinated by the night for her entire life. The dark night over the sea and the mountains of Lebanon and the Californian hills, and the many stars shining in this darkness. The moon, which for her is female. The bright night over the cities, neon, lights, a world between, a neither-nor. The loneliness of the night. Its hustle and bustle, which settles down by morning.
Etel Adnan has expressed her love for the night in a book of poetry; a homage from a night being, as she describes herself, to the night as the realm of dreams – the ‘greatest expansions of our mind’.
The radio poem Night installed at the Musikpavillon Hofgarten was created from these observations, comments, short circuits and concepts, in collaboration with the composer and musician Ulrike Haage. (Klosterruine Berlin)



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