13.03.2020 CONCERT



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Frankfurt producer Johanna Odersky, aka Iku, divides her time between music and sculpture. Her audio work can be described as a layering of associative samples, which Iku carefully weaves into a complex entanglement of emotionally charged sounds. She playfully balances ambient elements with thumping club beats and creates a fascinating mesh of poetic French lyrics, hypnagogic piano progressions, alien insect sounds, and horror movie soundscapes.
“Body Horror”, her second EP on Berlin label Creamcake, is a haunting exercise, exploring the silhouettes separating internal and external worlds and the mechanisms of inclusion, exclusion, and domestication they reveal. She continues this exploration on her self-titled album “Iku”, where she takes us on a travel through a dreamlike realm, which is full of contrasts and uncertain atmospheres. (Alexander Brede)

Golin is a Japanese-American artist, singer, producer, classically trained pianist and performance artist born in Tagawa, Japan. Her songs create J-pop hallucinations filled with emotional punch and zeitgeist club urgency. An alumni of California Institute of the Arts, her live performances carry a strong and visceral focus on the possibilities of the body, powered by a spontaneity that turns her shows into perpetually surprising cinematic experiences.
While many might have first heard her as Rin, featuring on Ziúr’s track “Lilith”, Golin released her entirely self-produced debut EP ‘Momo’ in 2017. Following a two-year residency at Brussels’ favorite cultural house Beursschouwburg and a year as part of the European SHAPE network’s platform, Golin is set to release a new EP in the first half of 2020.


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