Isaac Chong Wai, Lines in Blue, 2019/2020
Acrylic on canvas, 50x60cm, 80x120cm
Courtesy the artist and Zilberman, Istanbul/Berlin

07 >> 22.03.2020 exhibition

Isaac Chong Wai

11:00 >> 19:00

One characteristic feature of historiography is that it continually overrules itself: In line with views of the respective present, the past repeatedly appears in a new light.¹ When Isaac Chong Wai moved from Hong Kong to Germany in 2013, the omnipresence of a history that was not his own overwhelmed him.² Chong’s work, which revolves around issues such as imprisonment, borders, victimization, and oppression, painfully alludes to our ‘narrow acts of remembrance’³, but is at the same time reconciliatory and optimistic: ‘History is the investigation of the past with its power to affirm and define evolution and progress of human life.’⁴
In November 2015, the artist was injured in Berlin in a hate crime in Berlin when he was assaulted with a glass bottle. As evidence of his injury, he took his Self-Portrait. Later, a friend warned him: ‘the world is not your friend’. Rejecting this determined pessimism, Chong turned the negation into an open question.⁵
For his Project PRISON the artist built a life-size boat from the wire fence of a former Weimar prison. He then carried the unseaworthy boat across the city and back to the prison. In using a material that initially held prisoners captive, he created an object suggesting the fragile possibility of escape. In the paintings of the series LINES, he again adopts the wire fence as a motif. On closer inspection, the lines hardly touch each other. The concept of the border remains a fragile one.

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5 See: Is the World Your Friend? Isaac Chong Wai 29.1.2019 – 9.3.2019, Press release 26.01.2019, Blindspot Gallery


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