20.03.2020 CONCERT


Rosa Anschütz




Asfast live in concert
Rosa Anschütz live in concert
Misonica DJ-Set
ASFAST In the last years, Asfast has established himself between Deconstructed Club Music and Dark Ambient. Originally socialized in the Breakcore scene, which also had a strong Metal impact, Asfast merges his diverse influences in order to create a new level of aesthetic entity called The Prime Same. He almost skips musical measures while using a slow narrative linked to oddly rough and intrusive rhythm passages. These noteworthy characteristics emphasize the idiosyncratic sound world of Asfast.
ROSA ANSCHÜTZ Born in Berlin 1997, Rosa Anschütz experienced industrial music referring to Post Punk and New Wave in a very early age. By dealing with the night life of the big city, Techno also played a major role in her development as an artist. Her classic education in various instruments and also her choirbased vocal training encounter with her takes on digital and electronic music. Rosa Anschütz belongs to a generation, whose careers are deeply interwoven with societies digitalization.
MISONICA In local and international underground clubs and festival venues, Misonica is a recognized influencer of tribal dance music. She fuses Fourth World discourse with Industrial, obscure Techno, Heavy- and Minimal wave, and also ventures into cosmic sounds. Her sound world resembles a necromancy, with trance-like states among the audience not uncommon. Her violent and bloodcurdling yet extremely danceable trademark sound is characterized by complex structures.


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